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IGODEV is your best partner to build a mobile app for your small business or startup. Our highly skilled software developers will create a mobile app according to your requirements and budget.

Mobile App Development Experience

Why choose IGODEV for mobile App Development in Dallas?

We simply deliver what we promise.

  1. IGODEV is focused on startups and small to medium-size businesses.
  2. Our talented team of software engineers is located in Ukraine and management in Dallas. All of that helps to keep down cost of the development of your project.
  3. Our Managers & Solution Architects are located in the US in the same time zones as you are. They are here to help you and your team when you need them the most.
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Mobile App Development Process

Product Owner

Detailed consultation with our in-house product owner to narrow down key functionality and set proper priorities.

UI / UX Design

Optional step if you already have designs.

We have great team of in-house designers that can design your mobile app from scratch.


Our talented team of mobile and backend developers will build your mobile app in a matter of weeks not months!

Quality assurance & Release

Our Quality Assurance department will make sure that you mobile app is flawless and ready to be released. After testing completed, it will be released to proper app stores.

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Mobile App Development

How IGODEV can help you in Mobile App Development?

IGODEV is your trustworthy go-to app development company. We provide services for native, hybrid, and cross-platform mobile app development. Our team has in-depth experience with mobile applications across all of the types of Android and iOS devices available. While creating an app, our focus is to create a user-friendly design, with leading-edge functionality through integrated app development. All sectors of banking, retail, food, finance, and healthcare should leverage the power of mobile applications, and our qualified team is here to help you transform your business.

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IGODEV was eager to comply with our very stringent requirements and do so with professionalism and accuracy. All the projects were finished within the budget and deadlines. Their rates are very competitive.

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